Alumni Giving Committee

This committee is responsible for developing plans in conjunction with Virginia State University for increasing alumni giving to both the University and the Association.

Awards Committee

This committee is responsible for developing awards and recognition programs for alumni, faculty, staff, and students of Virginia State University on behalf of the Association. The committee also recommends to the Association’s Board of Directors recipients for special alumni awards. 

Budget and Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and developing the Association’s annual budget; maintaining fiscal practices and programs to support the Association’s financial needs; authorizing internal and external audits and bonding procedures; and acting as custodians of the Association’s funds and monitoring spending to be sure that the budget is being adhered to and that funds are not expended without proper authority. The committee also encourages the Association’s thrift and review records of the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer quarterly. 

Bylaws Committee

This committee serves as a resource for the Association, its Chapters & Affiliates, and members on questions relating to Bylaws and/or parliamentary procedure. As requested by the Executive Committee, the President, or the membership, the committee is responsible for reviewing and preparing all recommendations for amendment and revision in the proper order for submission to the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for studying problems concerning the Association Bylaws; interpret bylaw questions; and draft possible amendments and revisions to the bylaws that help implement solutions to problems.

Fund Raising Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and prioritizing the Association’s fundraising goals and for ensuring that these initiatives are in compliance with the University’s and the Association’s fundraising guidelines.

Heritage and Archives Committee

This committee is responsible for gathering, organizing, and maintaining a record of noteworthy news regarding alumni and the Association.

Information and Communication Committee

This committee is responsible for obtaining news and information from chapters, Board Members, and the University to distribute to Association members via various media platforms. 

Legislative Committee

This committee oversees legislation, both State and Federal, which may have an effect on the University. The committee also explores and recommends positions that the Association should take on various legislative and/or political issues and secures financial support for Virginia State from local, state, and Federal Government sources.

Membership Task Force Committee

This committee is responsible for developing programs and strategies to increase membership, retain those who are currently active members, establish commitments with previous members, and recruiting new membership and Chapters for the Association.

Program Committee

This committee recommends and plans activities for Homecomings, Alumni Weekend, and other University activities in conjunction with VSU's Office of Alumni Relations and Office of Institutional Advancement.  

Recruitment Committee

This committee oversees the Association’s student recruitment program and works cooperatively with Virginia State University’s Student Recruitment Program. 

Special Committees

This committee includes Legal Advisory, and other ad hoc committees. The National President is responsible for appointing such special committees as deemed necessary for the proper transaction of the business of the Association. 


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