The Virginia State University (VSU) Alumni Association was organized in 1889.  N.T. Goldsbery was elected as the Association’s first president. Although there were only a few intermitted gatherings and meetings held by the Association during the years between 1889 and 1903, by 1904 a more permanent organization had been formed.

First Class - Normal 1886In the early years of the Association only one chapter existed,  the national chapter. However, by 1914 the Alumni Association grew in size and in ambitions as eight chapters across the state of Virginia had been established. These chapters were located in Alexander; Smithfield; Suffolk; Richmond; Petersburg; Fredericksburg; Norfolk; and Boiling Green. In addition to these chapters, there were also a number of organizations on the campus that were organized to support the mission and goals of the Association. Some of these included: the Tongue and Pen Society; The Training School; The April Group; the November Group; the Leap Year Group, The October Group, and the Victory Group. 

Over the course of the Association's almost 125-year existence, 37 individuals have served as president of the Alumni Association. The first female president was Josie P. Harris, who assumed office in 1899. The longest serving president was Milton T. Bailey who served from 1903-1932, totaling 29 years.  The youngest serving president was Franklin Johnson, Jr. who was 29 at the time he was sworn into office.

For more than a century, the Alumni Association’s mission has been two fold: 1) to foster life-long relationships 
between the University and its alumni and 2) to support the University’s programs and mission. The Association has given its support to the University in varying ways, including providing money for scholarships, recruiting students to the University, and supporting the University’s music and athletics programs. Although no accurate record can be found which documents how much money or how many students the Alumni Association has been
responsible for, three early projects can be documented. 
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These include: 1) the purchase of the property where Locket Hall now stands in 1919, 
which was supposed to be called from that date, “The Alumni Field”, 2) the purchase of the Memorial Bench located on the Front Campus in 1939, and 3) the purchase of the University “Mace” in 1957. 

With such a long life the Association has faced many challenges and seen many changes. In large measure, it reflects the much broader history of the University. Today, with a membership roster of over 1,000 members and over 35 active chapters located across the country, the Alumni Association continues to be a committed partner to the University.


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