• 1889

    The Alumni Association was organized. N.T. Goldsbery was elected as the Association’s first president.
  • 1889 to 1903

    Only a few intermitted gatherings and meetings were held by the Association during this period.
  • 1899

    Josie P. Harris was elected the first female president of the Alumni Association.
  • 1904

    By this time, a more permanent Association had been formed.
  • 1903 to 1932

    Milton T. Bailey served as president of the Alumni Association, making him the longest serving president to this day. He served for 29 years.
  • 1914

    The Association grew in size and ambition as eight chapters located throughout the state of Virginia made up the Alumni Association. All chapters were in the State of Virginia. These chapters were in: Alexander; Smithfield; Suffolk; Richmond; Petersburg; Fredericksburg; Norfolk; and Boiling Green.
  • 1919

    The Association purchased the property where Locket Hall now stands. It was supposed to be called from that date, “The Alumni Field.”
  • 1939

    The Association purchased the Memorial Bench which is located on the front of Virginia State’s campus.
  • 1943

    Alumna, Amaza Lee Meredith, was one of the architects of the first “Capital Campaign” for the Association. Her goal was to build an Alumni House.
  • 1949

    Under the presidency of Georgia Davis Tyler, the Association was incorporated as the Virginia State College Alumni Association. It was also during this same year that the Association’s Capital Campaign had raised enough money to purchase a site for the Alumni House and a lot was purchased for $950.00.
  • 1954

    The Association’s membership dues was $3.00 per year.
  • 1957

    The Association purchased the University “Mace” and presented it to the University during the 72nd Annual Commencement. It was designed by Amaza Meredith.
  • 1959

    By this year, the Association’s Capital Campaign had raised enough money to start construction on the Alumni House. However, due to differences between the University and the Association on several pertinent issues, delays ensued. As a result of these differences and ensuing delays, by 1962, the Association’s capitol campaign had unfortunately diminished.
  • The late 1960s or early 1970s

    While no exact date or designer can be identified, the Alumni Association adopted its Alumni Logo sometime during this time as the visual symbol of its distinct identify and history.
  • 1980

    The Association purchased the remaining interest in Azurest South from Dr. Edna Colson’s estate following her death. This marked Azurest South as the official “Alumni House” for the Association.
  • 1984

    Ms. Amaza Meredith left one half of her property, Azurest South, to the Association.
  • 1986

    The Association purchased the remaining interest in Azurest South from Dr. Edna Colson’s estate following her death. This marked Azurest South as the official “Alumni House” for the Association.
  • 1992

    Under the presidency of Dr. Foster B. Miles, Jr., the Association’s First National Convention was held in Atlanta, GA. The Prince William (VA) Chapter was recognized as having the convention’s highest attendance.
  • 1993

    --Under the presidency of Annie Pollard, Azurest South was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and on the National Register of Historic Places, with the help of University Archivist and Alumnus, Lucious Edwards.

    --The Alumni Association's 2nd National Convention was held in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia Chapter served as host chapter.

  • 1995

    The Association's 3rd National Alumni Convention was held in Washington, DC. The Washington, DC Chapter served as host chapter.
  • 1996

    The Association's 4th National Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Chapter served as host chapter.
  • 1997

    Under the presidency of Marvin Parker, the Association was granted its non-profit, 501 c(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • 1998

    - The Association moved its operations on campus into Azurest South to provide a more central location for the national office to operate.

    - The Alumni Logo was modified by the Association’s Board of Directors to include a seal around the Trojan to emphasize the full name of the Alumni Association and the date of its incorporation.

    - The Association’s 5th National Convention, was held in Hampton, Virginia. This marked the first convention held within the state of Virginia. The Peninsula chapter served as chapter host.

  • 2000

    - Under the presidency of J. Otis Harris, Jr., the Alumni Association entered into the New Millennium.

    - The Association’s life membership increased from $500 to $750 dollars.  The Association also renamed its life membership status to the “Edward A. Ragland Life Membership” in honor of the Association’s 26th National Alumni President.

    - The Association's 6th National Convention was held on the campus of VSU.

    -The Alumni Association’s first website and e-mail listserv were launched.

  • 2001

    The Association established the Alfred W. Harris VSUAA Scholarship Fund in the honor of the Founder of Virginia State.
  • 2002

    - Amendments to the Association's bylaws were proposed and adopted at the 2002 Annual Board Meeting to allow the Board of Directors to govern itself in the election of all Board of Director elected positions.

    - The Association's 7th National Convention was held in Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Chapter served as the host chapter.

  • 2004

    The Association's 8th National Convention was held in Norfolk, VA. The Tidewater Chapter served as host chapter.
  • 2005

    Under the presidency of Willis Gay, the Association’s National membership dues increased from $25 to $30 dollars per year.
  • 2006

    The Association's 9th National Convention was held back on the campus of Virginia State University.
  • 2007

    --The Virginia State University celebrated its 125th founding. The Association approved a gift of $10,000 to give at the University’s 125th Anniversary Gala celebration. A total gift from the Association to the University, which included all gifts given by varying VSUAA chapters, totaled $25,000.

    --The Association revamped its website to help further improve communication.

  • 2008

    --In honor of Ms. Helen Virginia Mosely Games, the Association established the VSUAA/Helen V. Games Endowed Scholarship Fund from the proceeds gifted to the Association as a bequest from her estate. The Association voted that the initial contribution to the Fund would be in the amount of $125,000 dollars in honor of the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the founding of Virginia State University.

    --The Association also established the VSUAA/Alfred W. Harris Tuition Assistance Fund with a $10,000 gift to the Virginia State University Foundation. Awards from this fund are used to immediately help offset tuition cost for the 95% of students who require financial aid to attend our beloved alma mater. The fund was named in honor of VSU's Founder, Delegate Alfred W. Harris.

  • 2010

    --Under the presidency of Charlene Jackson Fields, the Association voted to amend the number of prospective members needed to petition the Alumni Association to start a new local or professional Chapter from 10 to 7.

    --During the 2010 Founder's Day celebration, the Association presented VSU President Eddie N. Moore, Jr. with the Association's first honorary membership in recognition of his 17 years of presidential leadership to Virginia State University. (President Moore retired on June 30, 2010)

    --Virginia State University was recognized by the Tom Joyner Foundation as its school of the month. In recognition of this endeavor, the Association voted to give $10,000 toward this scholarship raising campaign.

    --Amendments to the VSUAA By-laws were adopted during the 2010 Annual Board Meeting. These revisions included: (1) removing the position of Parliamentarian from the list of VSUAA elected officers in accordance with the newly revised Robert's Rules of Order, (2) clarifying the language associated with the qualifications and duties of the Parliamentarian position, and (3) changing the requirement that the VSUAA annual budget be presented at the Annual Meeting for approval by the members in attendance. Instead the annual budget would be voted by the VSUAA Board of Directors and presented for information purposes only to the members in attendance at the Annual Meeting.

  • 2014

    --Under the presidency of Erenest Miller, the Association’s 10th National Convention was held on the campus of Virginia State University. This marked the third time the convention was held on the VSU campus.

    --In May, Franklin Johnson, Jr. was elected by the VSUAA Executive Board as the Association's youngest National President at the age of 32.

  • 2015

    The Association established two new awards - Young Trojan Award and the Orange and Blue Award - for individuals who have made a postive impact on the University, the Alumni Associaton, and the community at-large.

  • 2016

    Under the presidency of Franklin Johnson, Jr., the Alumni Association established its second capital campaign in an effort to raise $100,000 to match the gift of $100,000 that VSU President Makola Adbullah and his wife, Dr. Ahkinyala Cobb-Adbullah, made to VSU in February 2016.

  • 2017

    The Association established its first Alumni Return To Serve Day to allow alumni to come back to campus to share their valuate professional and personal experiences and expertise with current VSU students to help prepare them for life after graduation.


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