The Chapter President of the Year Award  is the highest honor bestowed upon Chapter Presidents by the Virginia State University Alumni Association. This award is presented to Chapter Presidents for their outstanding volunteer efforts and their significant contributions made on behalf of the Alumni Association.   
To be considered for the Chapter President of the Year Award, an individual must meet the following criteria:
icon circle Nomination is required and must be made by a financial member or an active chapter in good standing with the Virginia State University Alumni Association. All nominations are confidential and must be forwarded to the Alumni Association’s Awards Committee for consideration.
icon circle Nominee must be a member in good standing and provide leadership to an active chapter in good standing.    
icon circleNominee must have encouraged and participated in efforts to establish chapter committees and related activities that address membership promotion and retention, community involvement, fund-raising, and student/alumni recruitment. 
icon circleNominee must have demonstrated continuing interest in and support for both Virginia State University and the Virginia State University Alumni Association by representing at or sending chapter representation to various alumni-related activities, such as Homecoming, VSU Founder's Day, Alumni Weekend, and National Conventions when held.   
icon circle If the nominee serves in the dual role of Chapter President and Chapter representative to the Board of Directors, the nominee must have a record of attendance (or provided proxy) at all scheduled National Board of Director meetings.  The nominee must also have a record of attending or sending chapter representation to the Annual Meeting held during Commencement Weekend.  
icon circleNominee must have a record of timely submitting Chapter required documents, such as the Annual Preliminary Report for Chapter Programs, to the Alumni Association office.      
icon circleOnly nomination forms that have been distributed or posted online by the Association are acceptable for submission. In addition to the nomination form, other supporting documentation such as newspaper and/or magazine clippings, photos, letters, or other appropriate material must also be submitted.  A photograph -preferably head and shoulder- 300 dpi or higher must also accompany the application. 
icon circleNominations must be based on accomplishments made during the previous calendar year to present. 

Nomination forms and any supporting materials should be received by the Alumni Association Awards Committee no later than the third week in March of the year in which the person is being nominated. Nomination forms for 2017 will be available shortly.    

Selection Methodology: 
The Alumni Association Awards Committee will review the nominations and determine the recipient.  The decision of the awards committee is final. The award recipient will be officially announced during the Alumni Association’s annual meeting held on the Saturday of the University’s Alumni Weekend & Commencement celebration.


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Annual Preliminary Chapter Reports Are Now Due:  

  • All VSUAA chapters are required to submit their annual preliminary chapter reports to remain in good standing.  Please click here to download the form and submit the form via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.